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Yusef Ferguson

Arnold Tunstall

Rebellion in the Valley is a piece I created in my final semester of undergrad for my Black Film Theory course. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA but my father and grandfather hail from Los Angeles so my roots run west. In my development as a filmmaker, I began to discover that much of my influence came from Black filmmakers out of Los Angeles. I sat with my grandfather, a painter who was heavily involved in the Black LA art scene in the ’70s, in an effort to educate myself more. Slowly I began to construct a timeline that chronicled the evolution of Black film in the city starting from the Watts Riots of 1965 to the present day. Rebellion in the Valley is this timeline brought to life with the intention of displaying and honoring the full legacy of the Black film movement in LA and how these filmmakers continue to rebel against expectations and push the boundaries of what defines film.

Rebellion in the Valley

a Yusef Ferguson short


Artist Bio

My name is Yusef Ferguson and I am a professional Cinematographer and Editor based out of Atlanta, GA. A creative at heart with a passion for storytelling, I am the lead cinematographer and editor at the also Atlanta-based Tomorrow Pictures Production House. I have over two years of professional editing and cinematography experience. I have had the opportunity to work on corporate content, social justice documentaries, music videos, and art installations. I have devoted my career to telling the stories of disenfranchised groups and utilizing filmmaking as a universal language to connect people from various backgrounds and cultures. My goal is to create and curate film content that is inventive and challenging in order to continue to push the medium forward.

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