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Zameh Omonuwa

Arnold Tunstall

Hood. is an experimental work that follows a White teen and a Black teen as they transfer consciousness by putting on an enchanted hood, and dives into the Black teen’s trauma, fears, hope, and wonder. 

The film consists of found footage. To take pieces and build a narrative from scraps is similar to the warped sense of transferring consciousness. Having memories that aren’t ours, but we find meaning in them. The purpose of the film is to represent experiences, objects, and people that have one implication and can become something else from a different perspective. When editing the sound design for my film, I included the radio transmission that occurred before the death of Tamir E. Rice. A tragic murder because of a racist perspective of a child and the toy he held. The main audio that creates such a dominant force in the film is a snippet from the 1975 interview/documentary, Rosedale: The Way It Is, where a group of Black children are called racial slurs and told to leave a predominately White neighborhood. The emotional statements from the young Black girls in the audio bring the experiences of trauma, anger, fear, and forgiveness to the film that I could not have recreated. Hood. is a release for my own sadness, despair, hope, and unrelenting anger in the pursuit of justice for the Black community. Hood. asks us to step out of our perceptions of normal and attempt to guide ourselves through another’s obstructions.

Hood. by Zameh Omonuwa

Date: August 8, 2020

Duration: 5 minutes


Director- Zameh Omonuwa

Editor-Zameh Omonuwa

Sound Design- Zameh Omonuwa

All footage is in public domain with free use, found on

"Strange Fruit" by Billie Holiday (in U.S. public domain) 

"This is America" by Donald Glover (5 seconds of audio used and altered)

Excerpt from Rosedale: The Way It Is (1975)

Nerf advertisement audio excerpt (rights to Hasbro)

Excerpt from Black Panther dir. Ryan Coogler (Rights to Marvel Inc.)

Artist Bio

Zameh Omonuwa is a recent graduate of the Georgia State University School of Film. The College of the Arts at Georgia State University highlighted her as a Feature Filmmaker in the Artistic Voices series in September of 2020. She continues her work in film production and screenwriting to uplift voices from marginalized communities. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

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